Open for Opportunities: The Ultimate Guide to a Sustainable Job Search for Product Managers

Kax Uson - Coaching
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The traditional method of applying for roles can be frustrating, stressful, and oftentimes ineffective.

I know this because 7 out of 10 people reaching out to me for Coaching support are doing so because they struggle with finding roles!

Even recruitment statistics are saying that 73% of job-seekers find the process stressful
While 76% recruiters are saying that attracting quality candidates is their dilemma.

Finding Product Management roles published in job portals and submitting CVs online can mean competing with at least 1,000 other profiles like yours - where all applications will sit in a recruiter tool for some time.

Maybe the hiring manager will make their way to your CV. Highly likely not.

That's why I made this guide. Because I know that there's a better way of finding roles.
A more sustainable, proactive, and continuous way of attracting opportunities even when we're not looking for them.

And this guide will show you how.

Who is this for?

  1. Product Managers who are looking for their next roles but are tired of sending out their CVs every single day; but not getting responses from recruiters and their hiring managers
  2. Product Managers who are not actively looking but still want to attract the right opportunities that will get them to their next step without having to actively look for them
  3. Professionals who are looking for their first Product Manager role but are hitting walls when it comes to their applications
  4. Any Product Professional who is looking for a more sustainable way to navigate their job search and wants to be in the position where jobs are looking for them vs the other way around

What will you get?

  1. The Guide:
    • An extensive guide to building a sustainable and proactive system to always be open to opportunities by optimizing for 4 important job search components that have a huge impact on your job search.
    • A step-by-step breakdown of the job search process and how to strategically approach each step with confidence that will help you position yourself for success.
    • Real-world insights on how recruiters and hiring managers look for talent and decide on who to interview, and eventually hire
  2. The Toolkit:
    • Additional tips and techniques to grow your network, polish your stories, and become more visible
    • A tracker for you to organize your job applications, new contact relations, and other activities
    • A curated list of the most effective job search resources from industry experts on where to find jobs, how to polish your CV, how to ace interviews, and more!
  3. The Coaching
    • A 30-minute call with me where we can unblock you from your current challenges whether they be self-limiting beliefs, day-to-day Product Management struggles, or anything that might be holding you back from growing in your career!

I've got everything you need to help you land your Product Management role!

What's in it for you?

  1. Most guides and expert advice will tell you how to write your CV or answer interview questions. This guide will tell you how to stand out from other applicants you might be competing with.
  2. This guide will help you to be always attractive to the job market even when you're not looking for roles - which makes you primed for when you're actually looking for one!
  3. This guide gives you many options on how to land an interview, and get a conversation with hiring managers and recruiters - even without sending your CV!

How do I know it works?

Because I've been using it for years. I had 3 MAANG companies knock on my door multiple times. Ex-colleagues, acquaintances, and friends were offering me roles. All these while I wasn't even considering changing jobs.

That's how I know this will work. 😎

I've also had coaching clients land their dream roles in a gaming company, in a music-tech company, a scale-up, and more following this tried-and-tested system!

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Open for Opportunities: The Ultimate Guide to a Sustainable Job Search for Product Managers

9 ratings
I want this!